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......@@ -7,7 +7,10 @@ Follow the instructions below to reproduce the environment and the experiments.
## ICDE 2019 Reproducibility
For reproducing the experiments of the ICDE 2019 submission, checkout the tag
This repository contains experiments of our ICDE 2019 paper
[Effective Filters and Linear Time Verification for Tree Similarity Joins](
To reproduce the experiments of the ICDE 2019 paper, checkout the tag
`icde2019` of this and
[Tree Similarity library](
......@@ -16,8 +19,15 @@ Obtain datasets from our
[Datasets repository](
Execute the experiments with all config files in `configs/icde2019` directory.
See execution details below. You may need to modify `--dataset_path` parameter
value when executing the experiments.
For LGM Upper Bound and BSM verification experiment, certain views must present
in the databse. After executing all experiments, execute `src/ted_algs/view_queries.sql`
on the database holding the experiment results.
Plot the results using `src/plots/` file.
Plot the results using `src/plots/` file from `src/plots/`
## Build the project
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