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# Python Abstract Syntax Trees
## Short description
Abstract Syntax trees of 150k Python programs found on Github. Data provided by SRI Group of ETH Zuerich.
## Conversion details
- Each value of a type is a node.
- The value of an optional value attribute is inserted as first child of a type.
## Dependencies
- **Python3**
- **argparse**
- **wget**
- **wget**
- **tar**
- **awk**
- **sort**
- **cut**
## Steps
Execute to download all necessary files, convert them into bracket notation and sort them.
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# file:
# Program: Downloads and prepares data containing abstract syntax trees
# from python programs. (
# Author: Thomas Huetter
# download abstract syntax trees
# extract abstract syntax trees
tar -xzf py150.tar.gz
# change to extracted directory
cd py150
# convert ast to bracket notation
python ../ --inputfile python100k_train.json > python_ast.bracket
# convert ast to bracket notation
python ../ --inputfile python50k_eval.json >> python_ast.bracket
# sort the trees ascending by their size
../ python_ast.bracket
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#!/usr/bin/env python
File name:
Author: Thomas Huetter
Program: Reads Python and Javascript Abstract Syntax Trees
and converts them into bracket notation.
import argparse
import json
# recursively traverses the tree and converts it step by step
# into bracket notation
def print_tree(json_tree, index):
print('{' + json_tree[index]['type'], end='')
if 'value' in json_tree[index]:
print('{' + json_tree[index]['value'].replace('\r','').replace('\n','').strip().translate(str.maketrans({"{": r"\{",
"}": r"\}",
"\\": r"\\"}))
+ '}', end='')
if 'children' in json_tree[index]:
for child in json_tree[index]['children']:
print_tree(json_tree, child)
print('}', end='')
# parse input argurments
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("--inputfile", type=str,
help="path to input files containing line seperated JSON ASTs")
args = parser.parse_args()
with open(args.inputfile) as f:
for line in f:
json_tree = json.loads(line)
print_tree(json_tree, 0)
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# | sort by number of nodes (equivalent to number of "{")
cat $1 | awk '{print gsub("{","{"), $0}' | sort -n | cut -d' ' -f2- > "${1%.bracket}_sorted.bracket"
# Sentiment
## Short description
Syntax trees of movie ratings.
## Conversion details
- Replace '(' and ')' by '{' and '}'.
- Combine dev.txt and train.txt
## Dependencies
- **wget**
- **unzip**
- **iconf**
- **sed**
- **awk**
## Steps
Execute to download all necessary files and convert it into bracket notation.
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# X-Mark
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