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Instructions for each source are to be found in the source directory.
## List of data
## List of data sources
The following data are currently in the collection:
- `linux` - directory trees of linux kernel repository
- `wikidta` - entities from Wikidata
## Data statistics
Each source provides pairs of trees. Each line in the tables shows a single
tree pair.
Each source provides a few trees. We list their statistics after converting to
bracket notations.
|Source|File|Tree size|Depth|Leaves|
|Linux |v5.6-rc1||||
|Linux |v5.6-rc2||||
|Linux |v5.6-rc3|214624|||
|Linux |v5.6-rc4|214621|||
We list some pairs of trees with their size difference and TED value.
|Source|File|File|TED|Size diff|
|Linux |v5.6-rc4|v5.6-rc1|||
|Linux |v5.6-rc4|v5.6-rc2|||
|Linux |v5.6-rc4|v5.6-rc3|28|3|
|Source|File|Tree size|File|Tree size|TED|Size diff|
|Linux |v5.6-rc3|214624|v5.6-rc4|214621|28|3|
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